Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Point of No Return

Knowing when to say "when" is a dying art. Numerous articles, newscasts and exposés show examples of excess and limited willpower. Most of us don't utilize that internal breaker switch that allows our actions to stop before overload sets in. Sure we all think we do. But how many times have you eaten the entire bag/box of your favorite snack or watched late night movies in bed knowing you had to get up early. When you awoke your eyes looked like wee slits and your energy was low. Perhaps, like a tween girl with a new cell phone, you babble endlessly until friends feign chores or illness to get relief.

Ladies, some of us have worn a pair of heels that we clearly knew would not last the day without causing pain. By early evening, we end up walking like a "lady of the night". We understood the consequences, but wore them anyway, much to the chagrin of our feet. Men, have you gotten so excited about a new fragrance that you bathed in it, leaving coughing victims in your wake, gasping for fresh air? These are light offenses, but let's dig a little deeper.

Often people will visit a favorite store and charge the card he/she previously labeled "do not use". Already in debt, that quick-fix shopping spree did little to lift your spirits, especially when the bill arrived. When is the last time you got into a "heated discussion" that ended with you NOT getting your point across? If you had just paused to think about your delivery and the receiver, you could have saved yourself the hassle before the insults began to fly. Now a tedious and delicate task of reconnecting and healing wounds begins...again.

Maybe it is just me, but are you treating your life like a buffet? Filling up on items, activities, opportunities because they are within easy reach only to find out, too much of anything is...too much? If we continue to use the "just one more" excuse, we will be no smarter than a toddler who needs a parent to say "that is enough". So, how can we tap into our emotions well enough to recognize the point of no return? Remember this, the peak that marks "no further steps without regret", comes immediately after the point of satisfaction. The problem arises when as a consumer, we want more and more.

Next time, eat just enough to please your stomach, but not enough to render you immobile. Jog enough to break a sweat, but not enough to put you in bed for a day. Laugh enough to seem approachable, but not to the point where you won't be taken seriously. If you like someone do not smother to the point where he/she needs to excuse themselves to take a breather in the restroom. Make a reasonable purchase, and leave the lush item you were only buying to make people jealous in the store or on the lot.

No item or person will fill emotional/spiritual holes...period. Recognize why you do what you do and make the necessary adjustments. Oftentimes overflowing is NOT a good thing. Leakage in any aspect of your life is not a sign of abundance; it is a sign of wear, tear and overindulgence. Take steps towards a wiser you. Breathe. Take inventory. Use self-control. Start today!

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