Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's My Motivation?

As children we decided without fear what mattered most in life. We became fascinated with the things that gave us pure joy. Some of us could not wait to see the big red fire engine, play "no-rules" street ball or eat grandma's cookies. Often times we dreamed about who we wanted to become, i.e..astronaut, president, international ballerina, Wall Street Tycoon.

But what about that friend who never had a dream? The child who just went along with any old thing, a follower with no real preference or opinion. He or she is glad to be one of many and does just enough to get by.

Well one day it hit me. I grew up and became that person. It is a lonely, unrewarding and confusing place to be. I was unwilling to stand out, forced into leadership roles, slouching through the work day, grimacing at the morning sun, and taking daily blessings for granted. What happened to the passion and joy I had as a youth, the confidence of my teens, the ideological hope of my college years?

Think about it. Do you hide your light or settle for such a small portion of your goal or happiness that it cancels itself out? Even worse, do you know your motivation? Is it money, fame, someone to love, people to boss around, a need to make others jealous or even simple revenge? Do these new motivations truly satisfy you?

I suspect many of you are like me. Life has taken some unexpected turns that led you...well here! In the middle of a spinning universe and you are on the sidelines pouting. The game of life is being played, but because of lost expectations, the birth of a child, major debt, being overworked, loss of a loved one, etc...something has taken your sparkle.

Here's what I did...I took inventory. We've all heard it before. If money were no issue, what would you do with your life? This does not mean shirk responsibilities, but it does require you to do a "reboot". Start the program over, see how much gook is in there. Find it, get the software to correct it. Ok so we are not machines. But for some us it is as simple daily prayer or quiet meditation, counseling, reconciling with an estranged family member or friend. How about a 20 min walk a day for a different outlook?

Take a few weeks to clear your head. Think of it as your "clean out the brain/restore the heart" month. Throw out the trash (failures, roadblocks, doubts and excuses). Try to keep what matters most and begin again. Little by little you will find the small pleasurable things still exist. Hopefully, you will discover there is a person inside who deserves to live life to the fullest!

You will be surprised. Your small triumph may encourage others. Ladies and gentlemen...Let's start the wave to sanity, and fulfillment, and ah yes...JOY!

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