Sunday, July 18, 2010

Remedy for the Kill-Joy Blues

Have you ever noticed some people have an honest knack for ruining and or changing your mood for the worst? I know someone who consistently thwarts my happy feeling as if on a "Seek and Destroy" Secret Mission. Perhaps this person has the opposite of Super Hero Powers. The Anti-hero who has the ability to annihilate goodness.

You may recognize this person as the one who comes along salivating as soon as you take that first bite of a good sandwich. An office snooper who catches you in the middle of grooving to your favorite tune. The fresh-pot neighbor who drops into your backyard during that certain yoga pose. My biggest problem with this character is he/she usually recognizes your discomfort, but simply does not care. Worse yet this joy-blocker presents a smile during your uneasiness.

Yes, we all know someone we would like to lock in the proverbial basement when it is time for joy or relief to begin. Might I suggest something I learned as an only child? Ignore the person or say "Give me a minute/be right with you". Yes it is simple, but it's an instant stress-reducer. Go into "your own little world" as if you were never interrupted. Do not show a hint of sour emotion. Finish your moment. You have triumphed. Display loving-kindness and engage the offender on your terms.

P.S. I still haven't found a way to beat...The killjoy who walks up to you the moment you drop a much needed gas bomb which you waited to release in a "secret" location. Ha!

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  1. Psalm 3 vs1-3
    1 O LORD, I have so many enemies;
    so many are against me.
    2 So many are saying,
    “God will never rescue him!”
    3 But you, O LORD, are a shield around me,my glory, and the one who lifts my head high.